American 2nd South Carolina Regiment Flag

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By Crusader1307

One of the earlier Regiments of Volunteers raised to defend The American Colonies from The British during the early years of The American Revolutionary War (1775), The 2nd Regiment was first commanded by Colonel William Moultrie. When The 2nd Regiment was forced to turn into a Guerilla Force under Francis Marion (“The Swamp Fox”), they still retained these Colors. It was Marion who terrorized British Forces in South Carolina with his (often brutal) “Cut and Run” tactics (often taking no Prisoners). The Colors of The 2nd were a Blue Field. Centered, was a Green circular Wreath with images related to American Colonial Liberty (Phyrigan Cap, Liberty Flag, etc). The phrase in Latin of “Vita Potior Libertas” or “Liberty Rather Than Life”, was placed. The Regimental numerical identifier “II Regt” was placed in the upper Left Canton. Colonel Moultrie (who designed the famed “Crescent Flag” of South Carolina (also known as The “Moultrie Flag”), was said to have designed this Flag as well.