''America'' - Class Ship

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By Crusader1307

Great Britain was one of the first Countries to experiment with “Paddle Wheel” Steamships for Trans-Atlantic travel and commerce. They called their classes of these innovative ships “America Class” (in part for the Riverboat Class of American in-land ships). Originally developed by The Cunard Line, some 6 vessels were constructed. Ranging around 300 feet in length, they seldom reached taller than 40 feet (beam). They were powered by twin-paddle wheeled (steam powered), 1,400 horsepower turbines. An average “America Class” ship could achieve 11 knots (12 miles per hour). A return trip from London to New York took 25 days. Most of these vessels (and their subsequent replacement Classes, transported both passengers and cargo. First pressed into service in 1848, by 1875 most Paddle Wheeled ships had been long replaced.