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By Crusader1307

Seen as the basis for a portion of The Flag of The American State of California, The Alvarado Flag was named for former Mexican Governor Juan Alvarado. With The eventual lose of Texas by Mexico (into what would become The Republic of Texas in 1836), ''Alta California'' (a Mexican Territorial State, was undergoing similar rebellions and revolts. To be sure, not all these rebellions were instigated by ''Americanos''. Many were started by Mexican peoples encouraged by the fact that if ''Texas could do it'', so could they. Most of these revolts would help to spur American favor and help quickly claim California as US Territory at the start of The Mexican War of the 1840s.


Governor Alvarado was NOT the choice of The Mexican Government, due to his outspoken opinion regarding California ''independence''. Although elected by the population, he was denounced by Mexico. A Home Guard Force (mostly Lancers), was dispatched with a ''acceptable'' Governor – to forcibly replace Alvarado. Based in The City of Monterrey, California – Mexican Forces observed his ''Rebellion Flag'' flying.


Shown was a solid White Field in it's entirety, The Alvarado Flag had a large Red, 5-Pointed Star – centered, and sewn on both sides. Although only flown once (1838), it would become the basis for the future ''Bear Flag'' which is still identified as The State Flag of California.