• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The Almogavars were a 13th Century AD Class of Light Infantry, active in Spain during The Reconquista Period. Mostly recruited from Aragon, Valencia, Portugal and Catalonia, these Troops were former Frontiersmen. As such, they were excellent Hunters and Trappers and could survive ''off the land'' without re-supply. The Almogavars were highly skilled Archers and ''at home'' with The Lance and Sword. Traditionally, as relatively ''poor'' Soldiers, they were lightly armored – mostly with padded Gambeson-type clothing. Some did have Mail and all were equipped with the standard conical, form fitting Helmet of The Era (popular in Spain).


The Almogavars – as a form of Militia, could be pressed into organized Service to serve as Border Patrols to protect Spain and surrounding Regions from Moor Incursions. In addition, Spain had a very lucrative Coal production industry – used in a wide variety of uses such as forging iron and steel and cooking. The Charcoal was highly sought and needed to be protected from raids. The Almogavars were instrumental in this deployment.


Extremely disciplined and motivated, The Almogavars operated with an almost Ancient Spartan Code of Warrior Ethos. They were known for their determination to not retreat from a battle formation, regardless of loss. The Class were also effective against Heavy Cavalry – seen as the foundation of Medieval Warfare until the inception of The Longbow. They often used a form of Phalanx (Lance) attack, which involved the placing of fixed Spears forward, such as with a Shield Wall (Shilltron).


In time, Almogavar Units were disbanded with Spanish reconquest of lost Territories from The Moors. Many, by the 15th Century were now skilled soldiers and seen in high demand by other European Nations forming Armies. A good number would form Mercenary Forces, such as The Catalan Company.