''All of Mexico'' Movement

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By Crusader1307

A Political aspiration in late 1840s America - The ''All of Mexico'' Movement was a belief by major US Political backers, that Mexico (as a Country), should be ''annexed'' by The United States and made into Us Territory. This was seen as ''hand in hand'' with James Madison's belief in American ''Manifest Destiny'' - or The American belief to ''take all'' territories ''necessary for the expansion of The County''. With the victory of American Military Forces during The Mexican-American War of 1846-1848, many US Congressmen (mostly from The Northern part of The US), began to lobby for complete annexation and occupation of all Mexican Territory.


However, many in The Southern Regions of The US felt that such a broad territory as Mexico, occupied mostly by ''non-whites'' would be an issue for the on going political ''arguments'' (then), particularyly with regards to The Slavery Issue. And while The United States would have taken a decidely ''different appearance'' henceforth, all advancements for Mexican Annexation were voted down in US Congress. Congress did however, annex much of the (or what would become) Southwestern Territories (formally) under Mexican Rule, to include - California, ''New'' Mexico and Arizona. These, added to the annexation of The Republic of Texas as an American State, would shape (to a degree) - the ''shape of The United States'' - going forward.


It should be noted, that while Mexico would (briefly) deen itself as a ''Republic'', corruption by Mexican Politicians - leading to a short live Dictaorship and later ''Imperialist'' Government (supported by France), would lead many (later) American Confederate Politicians into the ideology of invading Mexico and pressing that Territory into The Confedreate States of America. However, failures on the battlefield and dwindling supplies ended that ''venture''.