Albertus Magnus

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Albertus Magnus, also known as “Albertus The Great” or “The Bishop of The Boots”, was born in 1200 A.D. in Germany. Widely considered one of the most learned men of his Era, Albertus was born Albert, Count of Bollstadt. Born into wealth, he lived a well provided life. In his early teens, Albertus was sent to The University of Padua for his education. What exactly prompted him to leave his wealthy life for one of a Religious is unknown. He joined The Dominican Order in 1241. Albertus spent several years teaching Theology. The Dominican Order moved him to The University of Paris (1245-1254). There is taught and attended Class. Known for his constant walking (and converting Pagans in this manner - no matter how far he had to walk), – earned him the nickname “Bishop of The Boots”. He was aid to have worn out 40 pairs of boots in 1 year (a great feat indeed for the Middle Ages). First as Superior of The German Region and then actual Bishop of Regensburg, Albertus stepped down from his Post in 1262. He received Papal blessing to spend the rest of his life doing what he liked best -study. He died in Cologne, Germany in 1280. His writings and lectures deeply effected how Christianity interacted with both Greek and Islamic Philosophy. So gifted, Albertus condensed all of Aristotle's works into 6-volumes. His detractors claimed he dabbled in Alchemy and failed to give him credit for his supposed discovery of Arsenic. For all his enemies attacks, The Church still canonized him. Albertus' works are still studied to this day.