Alamo Flag

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By Crusader1307

Based upon The National Flag of Mexico, it featured 3 vertical equal stripes of Green, White and Red. Traditionally, the Mexican Eagle Crest was placed in the center of the white stripe. This was replaced with the number “1824”. This was in reference to the year of the ratification of The Mexican Constitution (of which Texas Rebels were fighting for against the Dictator Santa Anna - who had suspended it). It was said that this was the flag that was flown over the Spanish Mission known as “The Alamo”, during the 13-day siege by Mexican Forces. Many Historians have debated this “fact” as possible fiction. The Alamo Flag was adopted for use by Privateers for The Provincial Texas Government (against Mexican shipping) – in 1835. It was also said to have been used by Texas rebels at The Battle of Goliad (also during The Texas War For Independence).