• Ancient Greece
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By Crusader1307

Popular in 160 BC, The Greek Military Unit known as The “Agema”, were seen as specialized Soldiers, used for important functions and Missions. They were created by Philip of Macedonia and would be used by his Son and Heir Alexander on his conquests. The Agema were thought to rank with The “Silver Shields” and other Elite Ancient Greek Forces. They were often deployed with the purpose of singling out and attacking Enemy Field Commanders. By removing them, so would their control of a Unit collapse. As such, so disorganized, ultimate victory could be assured to The Greeks. Equipped with only the best Armor and weapons, The Agema were taken from Veteran Soldiers who had proven themselves in battle. They traditionally did not form with The Phalanx Formation, relying on their Shields and Swords.

The best of The Agema were taken  for Personal Bodyguards for High-Ranking  Officers within The Greek Army. They would be comparable to today’s Special Operation Forces.