African Nzappa Zap

  • Axes & Club
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By Crusader1307

A highly stylized War Axe from The Congo Basin of Africa, it was developed around the 10th Century. Made of iron, the handles were wooden and measured around 12-inches. The end of the handles were often fashioned into a club (and covered in heavy copper alloy). Affixed to the Axe shaft, was a open cut Axe Head. Elaborate iron “arm extensions” (which actually helped to stabilize the weapon), were a trademark of The Nzappa Zap. The beveled edge had a 15-inch diameter, which featured the point ends facing “forward”. The weapons weighed around 8-pounds. It was considered a “Melee” weapon and was deployed with Tribesmens as a “Front Line” weapons (to attack Shields). The Nzappa could also be used as a Tomahawk (thrown).