• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The oldest Daughter of Alfred The Great, Aethelflaed ruled as Queen of Mercia (independent from England). He was a wise (and often ruthless Ruler with regards to maintaining her Sovereignty). She was nicknamed “The Lady of The Mercians”. In a political move in 886 A.D. - she married Ethelred (who became Alderman). The two enjoyed little of their Nuptials. The ever increasing threat of The Dane Invasion, caused them to invest great time and monies into defense. Ethelred died of illness in 911 A.D. Aethelflaed used her “diplomatic skills” to play the Scots, Danes and Welsh against each other (all having designs on Mercia). Her older Brother, Edward of Wessex – helped her by launching independent attacks against The Welsh and The Danes. The Dane lands of York, Derby and Leicester would fall to their joint abilities. Aethelflaed also had built major defensive fortresses against The Danes in Warwick, Stafford and Runcorn. She is credited with pushing Dane influence out of the Region. Without an Heir, unfortunately – her death in 918 A.D. - would see Mercia disappear, into her Brothers control as part of The Kingdom of Wessex.