• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Born in 931 A.D. - Adelaide was the wife of Otto I (The Great). Considered by some to be the most important women in Medieval Germany, she served as Regent for her Son – Otto III. Her efforts to create a strong bond between Rome and Germany would lay the foundations for the Holy Roman Empire. As eldest Daughter to Rudolf II (Burgundy), she was married of to King Lothair of Italy. (947 A.D.) His death just three years later, sent Rudolf's Kingdom into civil war (and Adelaide was imprisoned by rival Forces). With help, she escaped and sought out Otto in Germany to help re-secured her power. This he did (which his Armies). Grateful, Adelaide married him. With Otto secured as Holy Roman Emperor, “Empress” Adelaide worked tirelessly to fund and build many Convents and Monasteries in Germany. She retired to after her Son was old enough to ascend to the throne. Empress Adelaide died in 999 A.D.