Acinaes Blade

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By Crusader1307

Developed in for Ancient Persian use around the 1st Century B.C. - The Acinaes was a dagger-type bladed weapon. Similar to the much latter English Bollock Dagger, The Acinaces had a 15 to 18-inch double edged blade (brought up to a point). Carried in a scabbard of wood (folded in metal), it was always carried on the right side (hip) – and used as a stabbing and thrusting weapon. Images from The Era also show the habit of wearing the blade “upside down”. This was though to be a blunt force striking tactic, when the blade was quickly drawn from it's scabbard – into the face or chest. Handles were slightly curves and made of wood, ivory or bone (depending on the wealth or position of the Warrior). The Roman Pugio Dagger may have been designed on examples of The Acinaces.