1st US Naval Ensign

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By Crusader1307

With the adoption of a National Standard by the then newly declared "United States", the first order of business was to create a Navy. The United States Navy was actually the "first" created Armed Force to use a "Stars and Stripes" Flag. Based in part on designs from Statesman Francis Hopkinson, The Naval Ensign was first flown from The USS "Ranger", commanded by US Naval Hero, John Paul Jones. It was this Flag that was first "recognized" by a Foreign Nation (The Netherlands). As designed in 1778, the Flag consisted of 7 Red and 6 White Stripes. In the Upper Left Canton (which was Blue) was arranged 13-White Stars in 3 vertical rows of 9 total. Interspersed between these rows, were 2 additional rows of 2-White Stars.