• World Religious Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

''Zoomorphism'' is a term which rose  from MANY Religions and related Beliefs - in that certain Humans could assume the guise of an Animal. This concept would become the ideology of transformation and shapeshifting and may have been the first example of later mythical creatures as The ''Werewolf''. Such abilitis were at first seen as a ''gift'' from The Gods, but it would quickly be seen more as a curse and later associated with Demonic influence and Witchcraft (Spell Casting). Some Ancient Cultures adopted the idea into the making of Masks of certain Animals. It was believed when One ''wore'' such an Animal Mask, the Spirit of that Beast would reside in the Mask Wearer. In Art, Zoomorphism was attached to turning various ''common'' forms of work into a Human-Animal ''creation. 14th Century AD door handles, shaped as ''Dolphins with Human Heads'', were but one example. This Art Form would become very popular in both The Ancient Eras and continuing well into the 18th Century AD.