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By Crusader1307

Said to have existed Centuries ago, The Chinese Zhenniao was a strange bird. Reputedly to have green feathers and (versions vary), a crimson Red beak – it was known to be one of the most poisonous of creatures in Ancient China. The Zhenniao had developed the ability to survive it's unusual diet of Vipers (snakes). Only the most deadly were consumed as as such, The Bird's very flesh was toxic to eat. In fact, Assassins would hunt The Zhenniao to ''harvest it'' for it's meat – to be turned into a poison. When ''cooked'' The Zhenniao flesh gave off a very pungent odor which also kept other animals away. Rumor stated that only the pulverized horn of The Rhino (when consumed) could neutralize The Zhenniao poison. As written of in mythology (because no proof or preserved remains have ever been found), The Zhenniao may have lived far in The North of the Country. The creature appears in many tales well inti the 18th Century AD.