• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

An ancient Japanese Religion, ''Shinto'' meshes Nature with both God and Ancestor Belief Systems. One belief is that Spirits known as ''Kami'', are invoked during Religious Ceremonies. The Kami require a ''space'' to inhabit during The Rituals. These are known as Yorishiro. The Yorishiro can be everything from specially built ''Spirit Houses'', to inanimate Objects. One popular Yorishiro is the use of a Tree (known as a ''Shintai''). Once blessed by Shinto Priests, through the use of a specially knotted Rope, decorated in ''Earth or Nature'' Talismen. As such, The Kami can inhabit The Shintai. The Kami being present, they absorb ''good energies'', and impart them on persons and locations.