Yensheng Coins

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By Crusader1307

 The ''Yensheng Coin'' is a Numismatic (Fortune Forecasting) Charm, which usage can be dated to the 2nd Century BC Han Empire of China. They were often also used as a form of ''Peasant Currency'' which was not recognized by The China Government. Of various sizes, these are circular pieces of flattened metal (copper or bronze) and feature a squared opening in their center. This was used to run a piece of twine or wire through for carrying multiple coins. This matter of ''carriage'' was also important when The Yansheng was ''worn'' as a ''Good Luck'' Charm. Some more ''expensive'' versions were made from cut Jade or precious Metals as used by Nobility who ''believed' in the Folk Magic properties of The Coins. In short, once ''blessed'' by a Practitioner, great Luck and Fortune followed. Various Sinographs (Chinese Letters), were often placed on both sides of The Coins. Most of these were relative to Natural Earth Elements (Fire, Air Water and Earth). Different combinations of Lettering were used to invoke various ''magical'' or curative needs.

The Yansheng Coins would be adapted to encompass much of the needs and concerns of Medieval Chinese Society, regardless of Class. They were used for ''safe conduct'' on far journeys, worn with Armor for ''protection in battle'' even used as Funerary or ''Grave Goods'' Devices (buried with the deceased for a ''safe journey to The Afterlife and ''keeping'' Evil spirits from ''taking control'' of bodies). Some Coins changed in design during different Dynastic Rule. Some were reshaped or even made of fired ceramic. However, the overall circular shape of The Yansheng would dominate the overall manufacturing of such. They are still found today.