Yellow Shamanism

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By Crusader1307

While it's identifier ''Yellow'' is somewhat derisive and relating to Western interpretation of this particular Folk Magic (in as much as it is located in the Far East), ''Yellow Shamanism'' is a form of Folk Healing indicative to Mongolia. This form incorporates various beliefs and ritual used by Traditional Buddhism as well. A related Practice, named ''Black shamanism'' is also said to exist which is related to those who use Folk Magic in The Region for ''Evil''. Although possibly quite ancient, Chinese sources wrote of it's existence around the14th Century AD. This form of Folk Magic uses mostly natural sources (herbs, potions etc.) - to heal or to protect persons form illness and Evil. Shamans in Mongolia are seen as extremely wise Healers, often sought out for their knowledge for other non-related topics. In some Arcane Classifications, ''Yellow Shamanism'' would be ''Earth Magic''.