• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

The concept of the Entity known as ''Yama'', is related to East Asia and Buddhism. This is a Being of immortal creation, which is said to be a Judge. His ''Court of judgment'' is closely related to both Purgatory and Hades – in Western Christianity. His purpose is to judge only those who lived in ''ill will'' and possibly ignorant of Karma. As is seen in Far Eastern Religions, all persons are seen as neither Good nor Evil. In fact, at time of death, a Yama will determine if the Spirit being judged was even aware that He or She was perhaps ''unknowing'' of the sins of their former life. This is a form of Repentance, which is also related to Western Christianity. The Yama, if convinced of the ''sincerity'' of the answer, will allow The Soul to ''pass on'' into Paradise. If not, The Yama conveys The Soul over to Demons for final torment.