Xipe Totec

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By Crusader1307

The Aztec Deity, whose name translates to ''The Lord, Flayed One'' – Xipe Totec is seen by many Western Scholars as being in relation to Lucifer (Satan). Lord of The Underworld and of Death – Xipe Totec also had less threatening Patronage. He was also God of Agriculture, Gold and Silversmiths. Various diseases were also attributed to Totec. Smallpox, diseases of The Eye and Blisters were seen as ''curses'' from Him. These were only relieved by making proper sacrifice to Him. Xipe Totec was also identified with other local Cultures, such as The Inca and Mayan. His ''Flayed'' (or skinned status, of which Totec is portrayed as being ''blood red'' in color), is related to His ''attempt'' to overpower other Creation Gods and take over The Afterlife. His punishment was to be banished to The Underworld after losing His skin (sound familiar?)