''World War Z'' (2013)

  • Celluloid Terror
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

The Paramount Films 2013 Release known as ''World War Z'' is seen as both failure and successful fluke. Perhaps it's biggest ''issue'' was that it came on the heels of just TOO many ''Zombie Apocalypse'' Movies and Television series. Based of the Internationally successful Book of the same Title, it featured a big budget and well known Cast (to include Brad Pitt). Unfortunately the Movie differed from the Book in several key way. Although well filmed and having a sense of ''dreaded urgency'' throughout most of the Movie, it just didn't seem to be nothing more (as stated previously) – ''just another Zombie Film''. In reality though (and to be fair), the ''Baddies'' of The Movie were NOT Zombies. They looked like them, but were possessed of ''lighting speed'' and an apparent ''hive-like'' mentality. They could be killed in typical fashion (meaning a ''head shot'' was NOT the only way to destroy them). The ''transformed humans'' felt no pain and possessed almost superhuman strength.

The film deals with an unknown contagion which sweeps across The World. The contagion is passed via a bite from One already infected (these ''Zombies'' don't consume flesh, They just ''spread the disease it seems). Transformation takes only mere seconds, with the recently ''resurrected'' immediately on the run (literally) to their next victim. The film's Hero is a former (and unspecified) United Nations/WHO Investigator (Special Operations), with a track record for investigation very strange International issues (dealing more with Eco-Terror). Leaving ''The Agency'', He is driving His children (with wife) to school in Philadelphia, when the contagion breaks out in that City. Pressed back into service (as a means of keeping His Family safe), We follow Him Worldwide as he (and others) attempt to discern just WHAT happened and HOW to stop the Outbreak. A ''clever'' solution is found, which is a unique one (to say the least).

As stated, ''World War Z'' may not be the greatest in The Genre, but it does have some great visuals (and battles), with lots of Special Effects. Despite this, a planned Sequel was canceled due to The Film barely breaking even at The Box Office. The Studio also realized (too lake), that ''Zombie Epics'' are somewhat ''played out''. Not a bad watch still...................