Witches Prick

  • Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

The device known as a ''Witches Prick'', was a hand-made device used to ''determine'' (physically) if a Person was a Witch or Warlock. Made of Silver, these were small flattened sheaths which featured an extendable long needle (in some cases 4-inches). Extended, a Witch Hunter or Clergy would search the body of an Accused for the infamous ''Mark of The Devil''. These ''marks'' were in reality oddly shaped birthmarks and even perhaps examples of Melanoma (skin cancer). The needle was used to ''poke'' such ''strange locations on the body''. IF the Accused did NOT show pain, they were A Witch! Naturally, 17th Century AD Medical Science and Anatomy was nowhere as advanced as today. Any number of reasons can be given for why pain is not experienced in certain areas of the body for some and not others. But assigning the use of Silver (metal commonly used to represent God in some religious practices), and other ''tells'' of Witchcraft overcame medical principle.