Witches Prayer Test

  • Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

As we have seen with ''Witch Cakes'' (and others), many superstitious ''methods'' were applied by ''learned'' Men (Witch Hunters and Clergy), to ''detect'' Witchcraft and those who performed such ''Dark Arts''. Another such was known as ''The Prayer Test''. It was a ''Test'' by which a Witch was ordered to read various passages from a Bible. A real ''Witch'' could not utter ''The Word of God''. In reality, the World of the 17th Century AD was rife with the quite common problem of illiteracy. Most people (both wealthy and poor alike), simply could not read (and barely write). It was common in Church (both Protestant and Catholic), that The Clergy ''read'' to conveyed ''what'' The Bible said to The Congregation. It was no stretch of the imagination to find that an accused ''Witch'' could not read. Most of their ''learning'' came from memory or rote. Hence, based on this an Accused who did not ''recite'' the appropriate Verse or passage was in fact in ''league with The Devil'' and was then subsequent to ''punishment''.