Witches Ladder (Device)

  • Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

Much as a ''Book of Shadows'' is a very personal component of a Witch or Warlock so too would be The ''Witches Ladder''. The first recorded example of such a device was actually found in an attic in 1878. The Owner (a deceased Old Woman) was widely thought to be a Witch. After many years of research (some of which is still debated), a ''Witches Ladder'' is a form of ''Spell Counter'' which could be seen as being very similar to The Christian Rosary. Made of Hemp or related organic material, The Ladder, may had small bones, feathers and stones placed or woven into it. A series of knots are added in increments of 3, 9 and 13. The same applies to all rope extensions. Much as with a Rosary, The Ladder is used to concentrate on specific spells needed for the overall effect (without losing one's place during the Casting). While each Ladder is for the inception of a specific spell and much be made by The Caster, some modern ''versions'' are pre-made. It is said that for the spell to be effective, The Ladder must be secreted into the home of the person that the spell is intended. Conversely it is thought, that by untying the knots (or by overall destruction by fire) the spell will be negated.