Witch Cake

  • Witchcraft
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By Crusader1307

With their ''origins'' not known in 17th Century Europe, The ''Witch Cake'' was a rather superstitious ''test'' first described during The Salem Witch Trials in The Colony of Massachusetts. The ''recipe'' was taken from Yoruban (Africa) Folk Magic (no doubt brought over to America with African Slaves). It was a rather disgusting method of ''proving'' that One was ''Hexed'' (possessed) by a Witch. Rye was the primary component in the cake (a small muffin-like brick). A supposed victim gave up their urine (this is not a misprint), and the fluid was added to the rye dough and baked. One ''done'', a stray canine was found. It was readily though by those ''learned'' in the detection of Witches and Warlocks, that dogs were easily ''controlled'' by The Devil (Chief Management for Witches). The dog ate the cake. IF the dog took ill or died then the victim was under a Witches power. Some accounts of Witch Cakes required that the accused ''make'' the cake with their own hands (thus pointing to them IF the dog died or fell ill).