Wild Man

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By Crusader1307

The term ''Wild Man'' has many different definitions but as it related to the 12th Century AD throughout most of Europe, took one the role of both mythical Satyr and Faun. As we have seen these were ''combination Hybrid'' Creatures that featured somewhat prominently in Ancient Greek and Roman Culture and Mythos. Later, in Western Christianity ''Wild Man'' could be associated with a ''Man who lived in The Wilderness'' sequestering Himself away from others. This could be for religious or cultural reason. Often, ''Wild Men'' were seen as savages and barbarians to more ''civilized'' Cultures. Within time, The ''Wild Man'' persona would find a place in literature and other ''New World Cultures'' relating to possible Cryptid Beings such as proto-Humanoid ''Bigfoot'', ''Yeti'' and a host of other Native American and Colonial Settlers Legends. They are often shown in Art as overly large Humanoid Beings, completely covered in hair. They live deep in Nature shunning any contact with Humanity. They too are shown have little or no intellect or communication skills. Some early Scientific theories of the 19th Century AD assigned a evolutionary stem to The ''Wild Man'' Theory. It was thought (and still is by some) that such Being are part of a long distant Human ''missing link''.