• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Derived from The Old English of ''Whit'' a ''Wight'' is a term applied to The Undead (in all forms). In The early Middle Ages, many thought that Spirits could (and often did) inhabit the recently deceased. As such, a Wight could take up residency in His or Her ''new Body'' (despite all the questions that that would lead to!). Initially thought to be a literary plot device from Medieval Cautionary Tales, it seems that Wights were so believed in, that ''methods'' to prevent ''reanimation'' were often performed. One method was to allow a body to ''corrupt'' in an above ground Morte Safe. As we have seen, this was more widely used to prevent Grave Robbers or ''Resurrectionists'' from ''cashing in'' on ''recent acquisitions''. However, the practice may have started as a result of The Wight ''fears''. While such activities were also linked to Witchcraft and Black Magic, Wights would continue as a mainstay in many local English Legends.