Wewe Gombel

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Japanese Mythos is rich in many Tales and Legends of ''Yokai'' and other Supernatural Beings. The ''Wewe Gombel'' was one such. Assuming a ''Human Female appearance'' – The Wewe Gombel has ''fangs''. She drinks the blood of children – that She kidnaps after dark. Legend states that She was once a beautiful Woman, whose Husband cheated on Her. So angered by the betrayal, Gombel killed Him. But in Japanese Culture, such an act was not forgiven or excuses. She was taken by The Shogun's Law and sentenced to die. The Gombel decided to commit suicide instead. But The Shogun so cursed Her Spirit to return as She has. She only hunts children who stray away from home without permission (just why – is unknown). Some say the story was made up as a means of making Japanese Children NOT venture from their home with a Guardian. In Art, she is portrayed often as a ''Hag-like Being'' normally nude, with long (exaggerated Breasts).