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By Crusader1307

 While the idea of Supernatural Forces ''watch'' the activities of Humans is not a new concept, perhaps one of the most ancient of ''theories'' is linked to Judaic texts. The two most common forms are known as Watchers. There are reportedly ''Good'' and ''Evil'' versions. They are said to only provide ''influence'' but no direct intervention in Humanities actions. As is known in The Western Bible, Man has the ultimate choice of ''eternal direction'' – or ''free will''. He is given the choice thru what he does or does not do (both in relation to biblical teachings or lack thereof).

Watchers provide inspiration to Man (again both good and evil). Most common, is the ideology of ''finding money''. One is seen to supposed to ''find it's owner'' or donate it to a ''good and charitable cause''. Most often though, ''We'' keep it – sans ''Finders Keepers''. Such actions are witnessed by Good and Evil Watchers – who ultimately ''keep score'' for The Creator. Unlike other tacit Angelic ''creations'' who either (if Good) – ''assist directly'' in Human trials, and their opposite ''Demonic'' foes who might tempt and even physically possess their prey – Watchers do not. However, ''Evil'' Watchers also occupy another more important biblical point. They (as seen as ''The Fallen''), were ''cast out'' from Heaven and forced to ''live'' within the confines of Humanity. As such, some may have mated with Human women and created a hybrid form – The Nephilm. These ''Men of Reknown'' were seen as ''Gods and Goddesses'' by ''mere Humans''. They were also destroyed by God in the reputed Flood of biblical records.

Today, the term Watcher is also associated with Gothic Statuary works. Carved Angels, always with ''gazing features'', were placed high along the roofs and towers of many Churches and Cathedrals throughout Europe. These ''Watchers'' occupy the same function.....they ''watch'' Humanity and provide simple faith, simply by one ''looking up''.