Voodoo Doll

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By Crusader1307

 Hollywood and Literature has for years ''created'' the mythology behind the iconic and infamous ''Voodoo Doll''. Many other Cultures in The World use similar devices to cast spells, hexes and curses through the use of such ''dolls''. And while a ''feature'' of Voodoo, in both Haiti and Louisiana the actual usage of The Doll is not as common as one would assume. In usage, a human-like figure was constructed from clay, cloth or related material. The figure is constructed by a Mambo (Priestess), invoking various spells and incantations. The most important factor to The Doll, is that it some ''piece'' of The Doll must have ''something'' personal of the Person to be effected. This should be ''organic'' (bodily) in nature. Hair, nail clipping even blood are considered optimal. However, pieces of clothing are just as good.

In some cases, The Doll is constructed with the organic components attached. Hair placed on the doll head or ''wearing'' cloths made for the doll from the Victim, etc. After a series of length spells, the Doll is ''activated''. By Tradition, steel pins are placed into the doll's body. ''Everywhere'' placed, the victim will ''feel'' pain on that portion of the body so penetrated. The ''pain'' will remain until the pin in the doll is removed. Naturally, death can be achieved by placing pins through vital ''organs'' in the doll (passing this on to the victim. ''Removal'' of this type of Hex is difficult. The victim must get possession of the doll and remove or cleanse the device of His or Her ''possessions''. At this point, the doll is destroyed in fire thus removing all ''magic''. Or so it is said.....................