Ushi Oni

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The Japanese ''Ushi-Oni'' is a ''Yokai'' (Ghost), common in Western Regions of Japan. They are ''Water Spirits'' that ''live'' and Hunt close to Beaches and Sand, They are portrayed as Part-Pig, Crab and Spider. Their long ''legs''(of which there are 6), each bear a long sharp, single claw. In addition, The Ushi-Oni spits poison. This Being is often associated with a ''non-Human'' Spirit, whose exact anger against Humans is often unclear. They are said to also like to assume ''Human Form'', lurking outside of Temples. They lure wayward Humans into woods and re-assume their horrid shape to consume them. In this form, they can be recognized by the way they walk. Although they can disguise themselves, they cannot alter their massive weight (which causes them to walk uneven, making them stumble often).