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By Crusader1307

The Lakota Sioux of America's Upper Midwest, are a Native American Peoples, who have an interesting ''Monster Myth''. They tell of an ancient Beast known as The Unhcegila. Once a ''friend'' to The Sioux, it would become a feared and hated Enemy. Just what caused the rift between them is lost to Legend, but The Sioux state that The Unhcegila was aid to be a massive Demon Serpent, hundreds of feet in length. It's mouth contained fangs made of iron and it's scales (which covered the entirety of it's body), was made of stone. As such, it was impervious to all weapons and attacks. It did however, have a weakness. This was a small Red Dot between it's eyes (and the only ''soft spot'' on The Beast's body). Liking to eat Human flesh, The Unhceglia preyed on The Sioux. It took a skilled Brave to fire an arrow blessed by The Tribal Shaman straight into the aforementioned Red Dot. If hit, The Beast would die. Eventually, all The Unhceglia were killed off, according to Legend.