• The World of Lovecraft
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By Crusader1307

Mentioned by HP Lovecraft in His 1930 Short Story ''The Whisperer in Darkness'' (briefly), it was Clark Ashton Smith who ''fleshed out'' The Ancient Dimensional Deity called Tsathoggua in His 1932 Story ''The Tale of Satampra Zeiros''. The Being would also bee seen in the early graphic novel ''Weird Tales'' (1933). Humanoid in appearance, Tsathoggua is a combination creature. Sloth and Bat, ''It'' is covered in slimy hair. Red eyes, ''its'' particular trait is that, being so ''fat and lazy'', Tsathoggua cannot (or won't move), even to eat. ''It waits patiently for it's Slave to bring it sacrifices. If threatened however, It will rise and attack. It prefers deep caverns as ''Home''.