• Symbolism
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By Crusader1307

The three cornered, triangular patterned ''Triquetra'' is a mystic symbol associated with Celtic Origins. The pattern of three double lines are intertwined a total of three times. Although possibly starting as a Pagan symbol, it has been seen since the 12th Century as The Christian ''Trinity Knot''. It's development is also seen as part of Celtic Knotwork, a common Medieval Art form of The Region (portions of Ireland and England). Variations of The Triquetra can also be found in Buddhist Art and Religion as well as it being adopted into various other Art Mediums (Illuminated Manuscripts etc.) In other forms of Mysticism, The Triquetra is used in various Natural Folk Magic practices. The symbol is often used as a powerful symbol of protection against Evil or ''Counter-Magic''. It is still a popular form of jewelry worn throughout The World. It is generally made of Silver (which is seen by some Cultures as a ''Protective Metal'' against Evil).