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By Crusader1307

From many South Pacific Island Legends, ''Toyol'' is a ''created'' Demon. Invoked by Shaman magic, The Demon is formless. One must provide the corpse of a recently deceased infant or (better ) the remains of an unborn One (aborted infants are seen as particularly ''mean'' Toyol it appears). The Shaman invokes the Demon which then inhabits it's new ''home''. The Toyol is bound to whoever paid for the Ritual. This can naturally become problematic. The Toyol is used to steal things as well as torment Enemies. It is said that items found missing mysteriously from your Home are a result of Toyol ''activities''. When it comes to money being stolen, apparently Toyol's hate sewing needles. By placing such on top of your ''cash'' The Toyol will leave it alone. Another method was to put marbles or toys around your House. Toyols will start to play with them and forget their intended task. Once made, they cannot be destroyed save by fire. A fact Toyol's are aware of and will ''fight back''.