The ''Zuiyo Maru'' Carcass

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By Crusader1307

This ''find'' was so popular at one time, that the picture of the ''carcass'' of the seemingly ''unknown'' animal was featured on every ''Rag Sheet'' and Newspaper in The World in 1977. The Japanese Fishing Trawler ''Zuiyo Maru'' was working off The Coast of New Zealand (deep water).Bringing up it's nets, Fishermen found the decomposing carcass of what, for all intents and purposes appeared to be a long extinct Plesiosaur (a common Mesozoic Sea Creature from 200 Million years hence!) Photographs taken quickly circles The Globe as ''proof'' of the still ''living Dinosaur''. This was also support for the many on-going ''sightings'' of related ''Monsters'' such as the legendary ''Loch Ness'' Creature. Although portions were partially frozen for examination, the bulk of the ''creature'' was in such a poor state of decomposition, that the Fishermen had to cast it back overboard. Samples studied in Japan, yielded Scientist's saying that these samples were '' not Mammal or Fish'' (further adding to the hype). Other Scientists however, quickly added that the samples were ''misread''. The ''photograph'' was clearly that of a Basking Shark in advanced decomposition and that samples of tissue were inconclusive to to such actions. The ''debate'' raged on for years and was never truly ''put to rest''.