The Witches Pond

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By Crusader1307

Not to say that Bucharest, Romania is not already the staple of all possible Legends and Paranormal Activity one site is a ready attraction if for nothing more that it's possible relation to one time Prince of Wallachia, and inspiration for the immortal Dracula Vlad Tepes. A local Forest The Padurea Boldu Cretuleasca, hosts a small pond, said to be only 25-feet deep. A rather ''dark and imposing stand of water'', One can easily be transformed to the 15th Century AD. Known as The ''Witches Pond'', the location was noted for the many Covens of Witches who would congregate there to cast spells. It was said that their errant magic was absorbed into the waters. Many see the location as very active with regards to The Paranormal. Floating ''Orbs'', strange sub-human creatures, etc much has been claimed to have been experienced. The Pond's biggest claim to fame is that of it's possible relationship to Vlad Tepes. Captured in battle by The Turks, He was ''cut to pieces'' with His head being supposedly buried either in or near The Pond. Much of this legend may well be false as well, but The Armies of Tepes did fight a pitched battle near The Pond in the late 15th Century.