The Westhampton Beach Triangle

  • UFO Case Studies
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By Crusader1307

In July of 2017, over the beaches of Westhampton, New York State – dozens of people reported (and even photographed), a ''strange craft'' (or crafts) – buzzing the beach at night. The object was described as a ''typical'' ''Black Triangle'' Class of Unidentified Flying Object, very common with Modern sightings. The Class is noted for being described as ''a dark triangle'' with occasional (sporadic) ''lighting'' underneath (of varying colors). THIS Object produced VERY bright white and yellow lights and was said to be roughly 500-feet above the beach front. Producing no sound, The Triangle hovered and moved very slowly and remained ''visible for roughly 20 seconds (a LONG time for a UFO sighting to be sure. Then, The Object went ''completely ''black'' (no lighting). Appearing to ''fade out'', perhaps this Object too was a type of dimensional transportation Craft – ''from another World''.