The Vampire of Croglin Grange

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By Crusader1307

A rather unusual tale of Vampirism dated to 1875, The Vampire of Croglin Grange is thought to be strictly an Urban Legend and Folk Tale....mostly. The story takes place in Cumberland, England and deals with a Family moving into an old house. Renovated, it was not too long before The Family began to experience problems. At first, several of the family members would arise in the morning, feeling more tire than when they went to sleep. One by one, they began to grow weak and pale. Examined by Doctors, no ''earthly cause'' or related disease could be blamed. That is until One night. A Lady of The House happened to hear the sound of scratching on Her bedroom window. Forcing Herself awake – She beheld the frightening sight of an old Man. He was quite tall (6-foot), bald and had eyes ''shaped like a Bat''. His eyes ''glowed Red'' and He looked for all purposes – as ''a Demon''. The Lady grabbed a fire poker and smashed The Being, injuring ''it'' in the leg, and sending ''it'' running. In the morning, the family decided to do some investigating. They learned that 200 years prior, the house had been owned by an ''old Man'' who was – it said, a Vampire. He was buried in a wayward plot near the old house. After finding it, they dug the grave open – only to find a perfectly preserved corpse......with a freshly injured leg!. The Family gathered wood and threw the body into the flames. Soon, all began to ''be well''. The story was ''found'' in 1929 and published in a Newspaper in a serialized version. Most attribute it to a story......some not so sure!