The Tuscon Artifacts

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By Crusader1307

Said to have been ''discovered'' in 1924 – The ''Tuscon Artifacts'' gathered much National attention when found by a local Arizona Resident. Located in The Picture Rocks Region of that American State, they were buried in a Mine Shaft. The Artifacts are a collection of Lead Christian Crosses and other hand-crafted Symbols which were supposedly dated to The 1st Century AD. The items bore a form of Latin Language and were linked to the ideology that a hitherto ''unknown'' Latin Speaking Peoples (who traveled to Ancient America and established a Colony). In addition, Hebrew and a Meso-American ''tongue'' were found on some items. Most credible Scientists disclaimed the finds as being faked. Re-examined in 1975 and 1982 by The Smithsonian Institution, again the cache of artifacts were declared forgeries. However, many other cite that The Tuscon Artifacts are real, and that ''conventional'' Historians are simply following a campaign of ''disinformation'' – established by some unknown Government Agency.