The Trinity Alps Salamander

  • Cryptids
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By Crusader1307

While the simple Salamander (Lizard) would not seem a mysterious Cryptoid (unknown or extinct animal species), The Trinity Alps of Northern California seem to be host to a form of massive Salamander. The Alps (located in the High Mountains) are visited by many, but only the most experienced of Mountain Climbers are allowed to traverse them. Frigid temperatures and often year around ice and snow, make The Region hospitable to only the most robust of creatures. ''Found'' in the 1960s, The Alps Salamander lives in cold water (odd for a Reptile). Unlike His ''normal'' Cousins, this animal is said to grow to an impressive 4-feet and can weigh several hundred pounds! It is claimed that the animal eats Salmon and other ''Big Game'' Fish (perhaps attesting to it's size). Local Park Rangers will claim that ''something large'' lives in the cold water pools high in The Alps, but to date no specimen or photographs have been put forth.