The Sword of Nat Turner

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Nat Turner was a Virginia Slave and itinerant Preacher in the early part of 19th Century America. At a time when Slavery was the norm in The American South, Slave Rebellions (Insurrections)  were, while not too common, did happen. All of these were unsuccessful in their goal of a general Uprising, but they sent well deserved waves of fear into Slave Owning Whites. Turner, as a Preacher had a ''calming demeanor'' on His fellow Slaves. He was allowed to travel to various Plantations in Central Virginia to preach The Bible (and help keep The Slaves ''in check''). Turner however, saw it differently. He secretly began to espouse the virtues of freedom by ''fighting back''. In 1831, Turner would amass roughly 70 escaped Slaves with the goal of leading them in a fight against their Masters. For several weeks, He and His ''Army'' attacked Plantation Owner, Overseers and their Families. With few firearms, Sword, Axes and Knives were the order of the day. 55 White Owners and their Families would be slaughtered until Turner and His Men were caught (He was supposedly turned in by one of His ''own). After a quick trial, Turner met His end in a similar grisly manner. After being Hung, He was ''quartered'' and skinned with His body parts given away as trophies.

Turner was reputed to have used a Model 1818 Starr Cavalry Sabre (possibly taken from a Plantation Owner who had been in a Militia). Turner used the blade with ''great relish'', going so far as to ''complain about it's dullness'' when He had to continuously ''hack away'' as His victims. In the 20th Century, Turner's descendants ''gave'' was was reputed to be this very Sword to a local Virginia Museum which was dedicated to Civil Rights History (having a large collection of Turner related memorabilia). The Sword is sometimes displayed (owing to it's rather gruesome History). During one of the few times it is taken out for photography sessions, a Paranormal Investigations Groups wanted to use Psychometry to determine if they could ''read'' any dormant energies (even help verify that the blade was indeed, Turner's). When held by The Medium, She reported ''dark and dread energies associated with the Sword''. It had been used and ''often''. Although not being able to identify Turner as the Owner, the blade's ''memory'' was so powerful, The Medium had to put it down. A sad and remarkable piece of Paranormal History, indeed.