The Surrey Puma

  • Cryptids
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By Crusader1307

Since 1959, Residents of Surrey, England and several surrounding Regions have rep[orted the presence of a ''large, Cat-like'' Creature, seen only vaguely. Dubbed The ''Surrey Puma'', this Beast is claimed to be a ''massive'' Cat responsible for the deaths of local livestock and family pets. Several photos are said to exist, as do ''overly large'' paw prints. It is estimated that the Cat may weigh as much as 300-pounds. Although no Zoos or Preserves claim the loss of any specimens, perhaps it is a released Exotic Pet. However, it is odd to see the animal still living after all these years. Without a suitable Mate for procreation, any such ''Beast'' would have died out on it's own accord. Despite being ''hunted'' for years, the ''strange, Black Beast'' (as described), has become a piece of local folklore even today.