The Stoop Chair

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By Crusader1307

Thomas Busby was an Englishman charged with Murder. Not a ''nice'' Fellow to start (a professional criminal), He was hung in 1702 at The King's ''pleasure''. Several versions of a Curse relating to His tale are known. Some say that the chair in His Cell was so cursed by Busby stating that anyone who sat in it would die. Others, that The Chair was the One He sat in when arrested in a nearby Inn. The Inn remained standing as well. However, starting in World War II, Canadian of a locally based Bombing Squadron noticed that whenever The Boys went to The Pub to drink, whomever sat in ''Busby's Chair'' never returned from their Missions. Further, over time, people having sat in the chair for a period of time suffered every form of accident both natural and man-made. As such, The Pub capitalized on ''Busby's Haunted Stoop Chair'' as a ''Tourist'' draw. To make sure no One sits in The Chair in 1978, ''Busby's Chair'' was suspended from the Pub ceiling. The story still attracted many. However, when examined by a Furniture Expert, it was stated that the chair dates to the 1840s and not to the 18th Century. And while The Media touted this claim, many still state that ''Busby's Chair'' is quite cursed.