The Stockwell Ghost

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

Stockwell is located in Southwest London, England. In 1772, it was a ''hotbed'' of ''Ghostly'' activity of one ''Mrs. Golding'' a Widower. According to reports (that made Newspapers) Her ''shelves came to life''. All cups and plates even food, were thrown about Her House ''wildly, with a life of their own!'' Mrs. Golding ran to a Friends home and the phenomenon ''followed Her''. In short, ''wherever she went, so did The Poltergeist''. The Event was witnessed by Mrs. Golding's Servant one Ann Robinson. Then, after investigation, it was noted that whenever Ann was ''not present'' neither was The ''Poltergeist''. Then the truth became known. Ann, it seems was trying to ''drive Her Employer quite insane''. Having erected a series of ''gimmicks'' to achieve the ''effects'', the so-called ''Stockwell Ghost'' was nothing more than a Confidence Hoax. At least this was the official findings of Investigators. Some, however did not readily agree with the findings. While Ann was sent to Prison, and Mrs. Golding died several years later Her House was never again ''habitable'' by any future Owners (who also reported strange incidents although not as ''spectacular''). The House was torn down in the 1870s.