The St. Louis Light

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The Paranormal Activity associated with ''The St. Louis Light'' (reported in an around St. Louis, Saskatchewan, Canada), is commonly linked to ''Haunted'' Trains as well as Ghostly Train Brakemen, still performing their duties. Many accidents have occurred long one of Canada's oldest Rail Lines, so any one could be the cause. People along The Line report strange Orbs ''floating'' or ''darting'' above the tracks. Skeptics cite many natural phenomenon as cause, but believers know better. As stated, the most common tale along The Line is that of a Brakeman who died of a heart attack before His duty shift. Without an experienced Brakeman to monitor The Line, a Novice replaced him. The Train crashed, killing many. It is claimed that The Brakeman's Ghost ''appeared'' soon after with His Lantern to ensure that no further accidents would happen. The ''Light'' is still reported even today on occasion.