The St. Augustine Monster

  • Cryptids
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By Crusader1307

Reported and photographed in 1896, - a giant ''blob'' of decaying organic tissue washed ashore near The Coastal Town of St. Augustine, Florida. The ''Blob'' attracted Local and National attention for a period of time. ''Globster'' (as it was called) was immediately misidentified as a possible Sea Monster (remains). The hype was furthered by Newspapers putting drawing of The Glob as a ''traditional'' interpretation of the mythical Sea Serpent. The decomposing remains were so bad, it had to be burned within hours. No samples were saved. Several examinations of photographs taken (1971 and 1996) by Marine Biologists likened ''The Monster'' to connective tissue associated with a Sperm Whale. It's remains possibly rotting at sea for many many weeks, until it broke into sections. It is possibly one of these which washed ashore in 1896.