The SS ''Marlborough''

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The ''Marlborough'' was a British Merchant Ship (Full Rigger), launched from Scotland in 1876. Large at 1,100 tons displaced She traveled the route between New Zealand to England in Her ''short'' career. Crewed by 30, no unusual reports or activities were likewise listed until 1890 when ''Marlborough'' mysteriously vanished. She was carrying Wool, Meat and a few passengers and was searched for (Her last location was Cape Horn (South America). While any number of Maritime disasters could have happened, it was not until 1913 that a French Merchant Ship ''encountered'' what was called a ''Ghost Ship''. A Ghost Ship named ''Marlborough''. Seeing the floating wreck, The French Crew signaled without response. The closer they got, the more they noticed The Ship was old (Her wooden Hull wind battered and worn). The Ship's sails were shredded and dry rotted. The faint Hull name MARLBOROUGH was said to have been seen. After Boarding, The Crew found many ''skeletal remains'' some still ''holding rusted weapons''. The smell of mildew and decay ever present (it's cargo of wool and meat). Noting the position in it's Log later (when reported), no other salvage Vessel found the wreckage. Since, many Ships have (up to the 1950s at least) reported a Ghostly Ship seen of The Cape. Seen as a ''regular'' Ship with Crew working Her Decks (off in the distance) totally oblivious to any attempts at contact. Almost, as it they were but a ''fragment in time''. At other times, The Ship is seen as a floating wreck, with no life aboard but still ''cutting Tack'' as if She were.