The Silver Arrow

  • Urban Legends
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

 Stockholm, Sweden may not conjure up images of Ghosts or Paranormal Activity, but a rather unusual story circulates The City about an odd Commuter Train, called The Silver Arrow. Built in the 1960s, The Arrow is unlike most other Trains in The City. While most are painted Green, The Arrow was never, and just left it's factory delivery of unpainted. No one is quite sure as to just why (even today). The Arrow is seldom used, and when is – serves as a backup for The Underground or Express Lines. The Arrow is also odd in that it bears no interior advertisements and when graffiti does happen to occur, it always mysteriously is cleaned up, despite no Train Workers ever being given the task. Those passengers who do ride it on occasion, tell stories of ghostly passengers sitting inside (although most of these account come from overly tired or intoxicated riders!)

Several accidents have happened involving The Arrow over the years – most of which were unfortunates being run over by The Train (either by accident of suicide). Perhaps these are the ghostly passengers seen inside. Another strange tale about The Arrow is that it regularly stops at the site of a long abandoned Depot. From here, ''The Dead'' are said to ''catch their Train''. Although the most elusive tales of The Arrow involve Time Travel. It seems some passengers get on The Arrow and are never heard from again, save weeks, months and even years later – trapped inside some weird vortex within this rather strange Train. It is said a special squad of Government Agents will snatch these ''Time Travelers'' when they appear – never to be heard from once again!