The Shield of The Trinity

  • Symbolism
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By Crusader1307

An Early Western Christian Dogma (Faith established Belief) – is the theory of The Holy Trinity. This is illustrated by The Divine, being represented by (3) distinct, but ''same'' Deity. These are ''God, Christ and The Holy Spirit''. As early as The 6th Century AD – the belief in The Trinity was propagated as a cornerstone of Christianity. The graphic symbolism of The Trinity was shown as a ''Shield (or Triangle) of The Trinity''. A device for ''protection'' in War by The Ancients, the known symbolism placed The Cross (with Christ Suffering), center. Each corner of the Triangle featured an image of ''God The Father, followed by ''God The Son'' and finally at it's point (end) – ''God, The Holy Spirit''. Later (15th Century AD) versions replaced illustrations, with The Latin Vulgate (wording). By the 18th Century AD – the symbol (or writing) would be construed with the term ''Shield of Faith''. The oldest known representation of The Shield dates to a 8th Century wall drawing from Rome, Italy.